Triad Treatment Specialists
Strategies for Recovery


Services We Offer

Sexually problematic behavior

Evaluations and outpatient treatment for adults and juveniles in need of sexual deviance-related services provided by an SOAB approved provider.

non-offending parent

Evaluations and outpatient treatment for non-offending parents.                                                                                        

sexting/Sexual COmmunication

A series of educational sessions utilized to teach juveniles the risks and consequences of engaging in sexting behaviors and ways to maintain healthy relationships.                                                                                                                                                        

alternatives to violence 

Evaluations and outpatient treatment for perpetrators and victims of domestic violence.       

5329 evaluations

Specialized threat of harm evaluation that is court-ordered to assist in certain child custody hearings.     

underage drinking

A 5-hour program taking place on the second Saturday of each month that provide education and facts about alcohol and other drugs to participants under the age of 21 that have been charged with underage drinking or related offenses.

mental health

Outpatient mental health counseling for topics to include: sexual trauma, anger management, depression, anxiety, grief & loss, and more.


Staff are available for trainings, consultations, speaking engagements, and community education events.